iOS Location Services Problem

Version 3.8.2 does not provide system pop up for users to allow location services to be enabled, even when invoking the requestAllwaysAuthorisation. Alert below not displaying.

We didn’t change anything related to this popup in 3.8.2. Can you double check that you’re on iOS 8 or later, and that you have an appropriate entry in your Info.plist file? (NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription)

Also, note that this popup is only shown once—once the user allows or denies access, calling requestAlwaysAuthorization won’t show any more popups. (Also if the user has previously granted the “when in use” authorization.)

Thanks we missed the entry in Info.plist file.

I’m experiencing the same problem - the iOS Beacon services popup not appearing when I call requestAlwaysAuthorization

In my case, for this current project I’m restricted to older hardware and software - iPhone 4 and iOS 7.1.2

I have done all the steps outlined here:
(including updating Info.plist)

And I’ve tried it in both of the samples

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Thanks to a call of assert([CLLocationManager isRangingAvailable]) I found out that iBeacons are only supported on iPhone 4S or later, not iPhone 4. My bad, folks.

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