iBeacon project with a Questionaire app


I was given an Android app and tasked to put an iBeacon on it. I was given three separate files (MainActivity.java, AndroidManifest.xml and MyApplication.java) to work with. Should MainActivity.java, AndroidManifest.xml and MyApplication.java be all under one project? How would I make it under one project?

I have been working on Eclipse and I believe I have to export the project to Android Studio?
It was given to me as 3 separate files. Also, because I have three separate files and have been working from Eclipse, I don’t have a build.gradle file. Would I be given one once I export to Android studio?

Thank you

Huh, that’s weird. These 3 files are not enough to compile the project and run it on a device for testing, so even if you add any code to the .java files, you won’t be able to test it. I recommend you try to obtain the entire Android Studio project from whoever tasked you with this.