I can not detect beacons after indoor location demo has been used


I configured 4 beacons for testing indoor location demo one month and half ago.

I am trying to use my beacons again and I can not use them. They do not appear in the radar, list, etc.

The beacons were updated to A3.0.1 firmware version before using indoor location demo.

I tried to change the filtering setting to my beacons without any result.

The other 2 beacons that I have could be detected/configured. They were not used for testing the indoor location demo.

Any comment will be welcomed.

Thank you.

Juan Antonio

Hi @jalopez ,

Beacons configured for the Indoor Location use very battery consuming settings, so there’s a possibility that the batteries in these beacons were drained. Could you reach out to me (witek[at]estimote.com)? We’ll help you troubleshoot this.