I am looking for an effective app for real estate, any suggestions?

I am a real estate professional, would love to place a beacon inside the from window of a home for sale and have it send message to someone in front of home. Is there an existing app?

Hi Jordan,

This can be done only if you develop a specific mobile app for that.

For example: if users will have an app pre-installed on their smartphones and come close to the beacon device placed near the window, we will send a push notification to them from our backend.

Push notifications can contain any information which you want, for example about the house price, amount of square meters, rooms etc.

We can help you with development of such kind of solution, because have a lot of relevant expertise in the field.

Let me know if you are interested.

We also can discuss your project together during short Skype conversation.

Look forward for your reply,


Ilya Surinsky
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