How to enable light mode

Hi, i am using indoor location sdk to build my own indoor location app.

I am working on the sample app supplied with your indoor location sdk from github. I would like to test my app in light mode. I have put this line " indoorLocationManager.mode = EILIndoorLocationManagerModeLight;" in the func indoorLocationManager but i have this error " use of unresolved identifier “EILIndoorLocationManagerModeLight”

Where i have to put this line or what i have to add in the code?

Then i am also trying to display coordinate on my app but i didn’t succeed. Do you have the code to do that please?

If you’re using Swift 3, it needs to be

indoorLocationManager.mode = EILIndoorLocationManagerMode.light

or the short-hand syntax:

indoorLocationManager.mode = .light