How to clear device event log on the Cloud?

I am trying to clear the storage of vie the micro app with storage.clear();
but when I
curl -X GET '' -u xxx -H "Accept: application/json" I get the same result as before. I tried to put it in the cloud code as well but no change.
Hardware Revision:LTE_A1.1
Firmware Version:0.1.2 ,
Hardware Revision:LTE_A1.1
Firmware Version:0.0.15

All functions in storage.* are about local storage (see docs) that allows you to persistently store data on the device itself. This data will not be erased after device resets, battery gets depleted or new micro application is installed. It has nothing to do with Cloud events (which are handled by cloud.* functions) and will certainly not erase events on the Cloud itself. Events are called events to note that they describe something that happened and are meant to keep the record of the history. They are not something you want to edit or remove. There is no function to delete events from Cloud, but you can use a set of parameters to filter them (see docs).

Also Micro-App Code and Cloud Code does not share a common API because they are executed in two different environments.

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