How to avoid duplicate uilocalnotification


We are getting ready to launch an app that will using estimote beacon’s and i facing an issue with multiple uilocalnotification. This happens even the when beacon are close to my phone and neither phone is moving nor the beacon. Yet i keep getting this multiple enter and exit events, this happens almost every minute.

I’m sorry if this is a duplicate post, as i couldn’t find any resolutions on my search.

Can you let me know to how avoid this duplicate the uilocalnotifications ?

It’s a known problem with iOS iBeacon monitoring, read more here:

Here’s a possible workaround:

Tuning down the advertising interval should also reduce the amount of “false” events.

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Hey, I upgraded my app ios 10 and estimote sdk 4.11.2 and i’m getting frequent notifications on beacon entry and exit, even though the beacon is on and not moving. Any suggestions to avoid these false notifications. The work suggested earlier is not working either.

set RegionExitExpiration to a higher value!