How often is didrangenearables called?

Hello there.
didRangeBeacons is called once a second? Am I right?
What about didRangeNearables? How often is it called? Will it be possible to set the frequency individually? I hope the question is understandable (:
Thank you for your efforts!

We wanted the Nearables API to resemble the iBeacon API as closely as possible, so that it’s easy to jump into if you’ve already had your way with iBeacon. So yes, didRangeNearables is called once a second, just like didRangeBeacons.

Would you mind helping us understand what’s your idea behind having the didRange method called more often? (:

We want to reconstruct a sinus similar movement from the acceleration data with a frequency higher than 0.5s in worst case. Nyquist–Shannon tells me, that we might need the acceleration data more often than once a second to do this properly. We have to see, when the Stickers have arrived. I hope this won’t take that much longer (;

By default, stickers broadcast only once a second when in motion, so increasing the ranging frequency won’t actually give you any additional data points.

We’re planning to allow increasing broadcasting frequency in the future, but should you choose to do that, it’ll dramatically decrease the lifespan of your stickers—they’re only equipped with a tiny battery, as their small size dictates.