How does didrangebeaconsinregion work


I’m having trouble understanding how the method didrangebeaconsinregion works, for an example;
I walk around and I detect my 3 beacons, I suppose they all get added to the collection of the method, now, when I walk around a little further and one of the beacons isn’t seen anymore, what does happen with that beacon in the collection? is it still there without a rssi value, or does it get removed from the collection and added back when it is seen again?

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Every second, iOS calls the didRangeBeacons method with an array of beacons detected nearby, that match the CLBeaconRegion given when starting ranging. (e.g., if your CLBeaconRegion has proximityUUID set to “X,” didRangeBeacons will only contain beacons with that proximity UUID).

If a beacon is not in range, then it simply won’t appear in the array.

If a beacon is in range, and you move out of range, it’ll remain in the scan results for a few seconds, with proximity zone “unknown,” and then disappear until you move back in range.