How do I read telemetry data from within React Native?

I’ve had a lot of success with react-native-ibeacon by @frostney for proximity and I have followed the separate Estimote SDK instructions for getting temperature from an Estimote beacon in iOS, and now I am trying to figure out how to pass telemetry data down to React Native.

I can see that react-native-ibeacon is tied to CoreLocation, and that CoreLocation doesn’t know about the Telemetry packets.

I think I need ESTDeviceManager as well as ESTBeaconManager to be able to get both proximity and telemetry data, but need some help figuring out the next steps.

One idea is to create a react-native-estimote-telemetry module, so I can listen for both CoreLocation and Estimote Telemetry data from within my React Native environment.

Am I on the right track?

Is there a better approach I should be investigating?