How change the title of nearbly notification depending on the section

For example, I am transmitting as the URL.

My phone looks for physical web pages and say it detects
and shows it to me in my physical web present in my chrome.

As a user, this is how it will appear to me presently


» Now this does not convey much information to me.
» The text “Order while you wait” has been taken from the metadata
description of the page( as far as I know) and the title “Starbucks” *has
been taken from the *title tag.

Now, say if I can custom define these parameters, for example like this


Here, I custom defined the text of the same starbucks URL that my phone’s
physical web scanned for.

This adds for relevancy to the URL. A user gets a clear message. Also, it
allows the stores to convey an effective contextual message.

This is possible?