Hotels uses beacons webinar or presentation (Urgent Please)

Hi all .
am planning to explore the beacons idea to a hotel owner , i need to show him some real cases , presentations , proof case , so if anyone has like this please provide me the doc or link or anything .

thank you …

hotelsincloud dot com has something specific to hotels, check them out, they have a video that might be useful

thank you so much bro I appreciate your response
i will check it now .

thank you


Please, let me know if your request is still actual and whether we could discuss it in more details via Skype.

Our website is and my Skype ID is kate.bulavina.

I am available to talk to you asap.

Thanks and warm regards,

Bell Southwest here

We are deploying beacons in two major resorts (Las Vegas)

please give me any references to see that , or mail me here

thank you …

We are in the early stages of the project.

I expect info soon