Help Building Android SDK

I am not able to build the demo project for the Android SDK. I am using gradle in windows CMD.exe. I type in "gradlew installDebug" and everything goes well until this step: "> Building > :installDebug". The program never builds and does not get past the aforementioned step. Can anyone help with this. Thank you.

On Windows please invoke gradlew.bat and it should help. I updated read me on GitHub to make that clearer.

OK, I know where is this confusion is coming from. Gradle has some conventions.

gradlew assembleDebug - it will build apk that you can install on your device (apk is located in build/apk/Demos-debug-unaligned.apk). You can install apk with adb (adb install build/apk/Demos-debug-unaligned.apk).

gradlew installDebug - it will build apk and try to install it to Android phone which is connected via USB

Gradle is great build automation system is agnostic to any IDEs. You need to create Eclipse project based on demos sources. Please file a bug in Android SDK's GitHub page if you are convinced that it should be part of demos (