[For Hire] Vektor Digital, Building Beacon Apps, iOS & Android since 2013

[For Hire] Vektor Digital, Building Beacon Apps, iOS & Android since 2013

We posted a bio on the Estimote forums back in 2015. The Vektor Digital team has grown since then, as has our experience, so we thought it best to provide this update to the Estimote community. - Kurt McIntire


We’re Vektor Digital, a mobile app development shop based out of San Francisco and Minneapolis. We’ve built over a dozen beacon and Bluetooth Low Energy apps for iOS and Android since 2013. Our team consists of 4 engineers and 1 designer, making us the perfect fit for startups building the next great beacon-powered product platform or for Fortune 500s exploring beacon tech. We also host & operate San Francisco Beacon Meetup, a monthly event featuring beacon experts & enthusiasts.


Our #1 expertise is building mobile platforms and prototypes that leverage iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy. We utilize Estimote’s latest product releases:

  • Location Monitoring
  • Indoor Location SDK
  • Stickers
  • Location Beacon

More broadly, we’re experts in iOS, Android and server app development. We work alongside our clients to wireframe smart mobile-friendly user experiences, establish high-polish designs, plan agile development cycles, code features, and launch.

Experience Snapshot:

  • QuickEats - Restaurant ordering and point of sale integration - all powered by Estimote beacons. Beacons mounted at QuickEats restaurants. When visiting, patrons can view QuickEats restaurant menus, place orders, and close out their tab without ever interacting with a waiter. http://vektordigital.com/portfolio/quickeats/

  • KNOCK - Beacon smart office implementation. Employees and guests get custom notifications based on their indoor & outdoor location. We built a custom cloud CMS to provide the client’s non-technical team members a quick & easy way to update notification copy. http://vektordigital.com/portfolio/agency-ibeacon-tour/

  • uRevu - uRevu businesses outfit their employees with sticker-like beacons. Using a 5 star system and optional comments, uRevu business customers send ratings directly to supervisors and business owners with just a few taps of their smartphone. http://vektordigital.com/portfolio/urevu/

  • Stealth Workforce Management Platform - Seed stage startup building a smart workforce management platform that leverages beacons & GPS to create a more engaged workplace.

  • Prevent Biometrics - Series A startup that’s built a smart mouthguard that can detect hard hits while playing football, lacrosse, and hockey. We built an iOS app that communicates with the mouthguard using BLE, syncing hit data with the cloud and pushing over-the-air firmware updates. http://vektordigital.com/portfolio/ble-concussion-monitor-app/


We are based in Minneapolis, MN and San Francisco, CA. We work remotely, but are available for on-site services if the project is the right fit.

Contact details:

Kurt McIntire, Co-Founder

Matt Holmboe, Co-Founder