[For Hire] Mobile Dev Shop with solid experience in iBeacon Strategy & Development

Vektor Digital is a mobile development shop based in Minneapolis, MN. We specialize in custom iBeacon development and have solid experience with Estimote. We’ve built over a half-dozen iBeacon applications ranging from demos to full-featured apps for Enterprise. Our team of iBeacon developers and strategists will help you engage your users in exciting and innovative ways, helping you reach your business goals. We provide support through every step of the process from ideation through deployment, to ensure you receive a top-notch app backed by quality design, development and iBeacon best practices.

You can find out more about our experience and abilities with iBeacons here: http://www.vektordigital.com/ibeacon/

If you’re interested, I’d love to hear more about you project.

Matt Holmboe
Founder, Vektor Digital

Tanuj from Estimote Business team here – we’ve had several customers engage Vektor for their iBeacon / mobile projects and have heard nothing but great reviews of their work!

My name is Juan Carlos Rodriguez, CEO and Co-Founder of piggate.com. You can send me an [email][1] I think we can be partners because our platform could be very interesting for your developments.
[1]: mailto://jcrodriguez@piggate.com