Flip-to-Sleep mode

Can anyone explain how the flip to sleep mode works? Like is it based on the light sensor, or an accelerometer, or something different? Sometimes it seems like it does strange things but I’m sure its working as designed, so I’m just trying to understand it better.

Hi @matthew.carney,

I think that the Flip to Sleep mode is working with the accelerometer.
This tutorial says:

Enable the accelerometer, then tap “Flip to Sleep Mode” and enable it as well.

So it seems to be related :slight_smile:

How it exacly works, I don’t know. I just know that enabling this mode allows you to save battery avoiding the main frame (but not the connectivity one) broadcasting when turned off.

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Flip-to-sleep does use accelerometer built-in into all our beacons and requires it to be turned-on. Beacon firmware reads the G force vector and turns on/off packet advertising when the beacons is flipped. You can read more here:

Location Beacons have also in addition ambient light sensor and they support “Dark-to-sleep”.
It’s a mode when beacons will turn off radio during the night. It can be used for energy saving.
You can read more here: http://blog.estimote.com/post/139902664710/launching-the-most-robust-location-beacons-on-the

There is also CONDITIONAL BROADCASTING mechanism and it allows you to define more criterias to control the radio based on time and other inputs.

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