Estimote detection by Mabook Air

I am using a Macbook Air. The Bluetooth on Macbook Air has LMP version 0x6. This Bluetooth discovers my Windows OS and iPhone. But it does not discover my three estimates. Is that an expected behavior?

Personally, I’ve always had very little luck working with iBeacon using my MacBook’s built-in Bluetooth adapter. Plug in an external USB dongle and everything’s fine suddenly. No idea why is that.

Thanks for the recommendation - I will give this a try.

Hi There - I could use some guidance on the specs for the USB Dongle. This is what I found on Amazon - GHS2® Bluetooth 4.0 USB Network Adapter Dongle for Windows / Linux / Mac - Plug and Play Dongle Class 2 Transmitter - 32/64 Bit.

WIll this suffice? This is Bluetooth 4.0. So I am assuming it will detect BLE devices and spec says it will work for a Mac. Is there anything else I should look for?

Thanks Again!

Mhmm, looks good to me!