Doze Mode changes in Android N Preview

Google recently announced big changes to Doze Mode in the Android N preview.

It sounds like these changes could be very bad for beacon apps. Even if they don’t break region monitoring (not clear), the fact that apps can’t access the network once the screen is turned off is a huge limitation. If the beacon app can’t access the network to respond to the beacon, it really limits many useful applications.

I was wondering - what is Estimote’s take on this? Can you make the case to Google for some kind of different behaviour for beacon apps? On iOS your app can access the network for a short period after getting an enterRegion event. It sounds like Google needs to build in support for this use case, or it risks breaking all interesting beacon-based apps.

Hi @mpgc!

We are aware of this changes in Doze mode. We’ve already started investigating Doze existing in Android Marshmallow and we are definitely going to do the same with Android N. At this stage I can’t give you any particle insight on this topic.

You can be more then sure that Google after announcing Eddystone is aware of beacon related use-cases. We will advocate this topic as well. Stay tuned!