Does app content automatically update when near the beacon?


I would like to make sure about the following. Is it possible to write an app that can automatically update and change the content that is displayed on the user’s screen when entering and exiting different beacon proximities? Or would a notification need to be sent through first, which the user would then need to accept before viewing/changing the content on screen?

Hi @Herman,

An app’ can and needs to handle the notification reception (this is what you want). It’s the purpose of an app’.
If you don’t use an app’, the phone doesn’t advertise by itself the user that he/she entered/exited a region.

For example, you start a region monitoring and when the device enters the region, your app’ recovers the change AND sends notification to the user. You can personalize the feedback as you want: showing MAC address, UUID/major/minor, RSSI…

Hi @Ximun

Thanks once again for your reply, I am still however a bit unsure from your response. Does it mean that the app can be written to have content displayed on the screen automatically without the user having to do anything, apart from nearing the beacon?

So in other words, when the app is open on my device and I approach a Beacon, can content automatically appear on my screen without needing to click on a notification first? When entering another Beacon zone, will different content automatically appear on the screen?

Yes, this is the purpose of region monitoring. There is another good trick: the monitoring feature can be done in background (when the app’ is not running in the first view).
So technically you can have an app’ that notifies (vibration for example) when you enter the region, the phone being in your pocket.

Can someone else confirm or deny :slight_smile:?