Difference between stickers without covers and with covers

Apologies if this is a real newbie question but I have ordered two packs of stickers. One pack is PCB only ( no covers) and the more recent pack have covers ( with the symbols such as bike, chair etc) . We have developed an IOS app which only works with PCB version only, All we are doing in the app is detecting and recording movement with zero stats for the covered versions.
Is there a difference in the firmware loaded which would mean only PCB works?

Do the symbols on the stickers mean a different app is loaded for each?

We plan to ship the versions with covers to our customers so it may be that we need to re-flash or for future orders be more specific in specifying the firmware that is loaded

There should be no difference at all. You can always check that in the Estimote app or on cloud.estimote.com => hardware revision is “SB0”, and the latest firmware version for stickers is “SA1.3.0”.

You might want to double-check what packet your stickers are set to broadcast. By default, it should be the Nearable packet, but if you re-configured your PCB-stickers to e.g. iBeacon, then you will need to do the same for the covered-stickers.