Can't find beacon with Radar nor Quick connect in Android App

Hi I’m new to estimote beacons and following the ‘Android Proximity’ tutorial:

I’ve already registered one beacon via activaton code that shows up in the estimote cloud, but the Android app can’t find it with the ‘radar’.
So I’m stuck at the point: ‘Configure your beacons’ > ‘3.Find your beacon on the radar.’ in the mentioned tutorial.

My setup:
1st: Motorola G4 Plus on Android 7.0, Bluetooth 4.1 LE
2nd: Motorola X (gen. 2) on Android 6.0, Bluetooth version 4.0 LE and NFC
Installed Android App Version: 2.8.3(116)
Beacon rev. D3.4 07-01-2015
The old battery has been replaced with a new one, so it is not an power issue.

Status of the Android App:

  • I’m logged in with my estimote cloud credentials inside the app
  • Search filter settings:
  • Ownership ‘All’
  • Device: ‘Beacons’
  • Range: ‘Nearest’ and ‘Rest’

No phone described above can find the beacon using ‘Radar’ nor ‘Quick connect’.

But the beacon is visible for other tools:

estimote cloud:
Eddystone UID (EDD1EBEAC04E5DEFA017:D841699AD689)

Beacon Simulator: