Bluetooth "Switched-On" Usage Statistics


Does anyone have any industry or researched statistics on how many people have bluetooth “switched on”. Just had a potential client reject our solution because they have done their own research that most people have bluetooth switched off? So having some scientific research or surveys would help.

Research for UK would be ideal although would take US as well.

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Here are some reports from our friends at BEEKn and Rover:

However, I think making decisions based on general statistics isn’t a good choice. It’s like with push notifications, or Location Services, or giving an app access to user’s photos: if you do very poor job explaining to the user WHY they should allow that, and what’s in it for them, then most people won’t do it.

However, if you design it so that it’s clear to the user that enabling Bluetooth/Location Services/access to photos/access to contacts will make their experience with your app much better, and will empower them to do more, the acceptance rate can be as high as 100% (!!!)

This article explains it very well:

The developers of this app, through some intense testing and experimentation, were able to arrive at 100% acceptance for contacts and push notifications. Which means nothing prevents you from doing the same with Bluetooth.

Long story short: even though only 50% of people might have Bluetooth enabled ON AVERAGE, if you play your cards right, there’s nothing stopping you from having 100% of the users of YOUR app agree to enable Bluetooth.

One data point based on our own app:

– about 30% of users have Bluetooth on by default.
– prompting the user to enable it with a good onboarding flow gets us to about 50%-60%

The rates are pretty similar on iOS and Android. These stats are from Ireland.

Ha, interesting, thanks for sharing!