Beacons sometimes doesn't work

Hello. I’ve problem with stickers. I wrote application in node.js using sandeepmistry/node-bleacon(on debian 8.4). Sometimes it happens that the beacon suddenly stops working and does not send the information. Is it posibble that debian block beacon? Today, instead of firmwareState: “app” beacon sends the value “bootloader” although no one connected with it by the Estimote app. I have no idea why the beacons and the application works so unstable. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Is normal beacons may affect the performance of my application?

Hi @mathil!

Unfortunately, these SDKs and libraries are not authored or maintained by Estimote. Hence, we do not possess enough knowledge to help you out and make that tools work. However, you take a look at i.e. StackOverflow and check if there are some people with similar problems. We keep our fingers crossed to get that issue solved! :slight_smile: