Beacons disappearing from App

Hi - I am an user. Not a developer. We are using Beacons in conjunction with the Robin Conference room system. I had set up 6 Beacons (one in each Conference room) We launched this system in April 2016 and things seemed fine. I only just noticed that Beacons had dropped when I was in a room and it wasn’t recognizing me. I did a check of all rooms and found 3 unresponsive Beacons (still in place) I tried “Claiming” them, but since I’m the owner, I’m not sure how that works (no email from Estimote to “claim” them.)

As I said - I’m not a Developer. I’m an office manager. I don’t speak code. I just need to know how to get these Beacons back on-line.


When you say “unresponsive”, what exactly do you mean? Can you describe, step by step, how you’re testing that?

If you’re the owner, then you shouldn’t need to “claim” them. Are you sure you’re logged into the Estimote app with the right email address? Can you try logging out and in again, see if it helps? Also, make sure you’re on the latest version of the Estimote app, we continuously keep fixing minor bugs in it.

I set up six beacons in six different rooms. The idea being that if someone has the robin app on their phone, the beacon will “see” them, and automatically start a meeting.

What is happening now is that when I go into a room with a beacon, with my Robin app open (or not – it shouldn’t make a difference) the room doesn’t recognize me and start a meeting. When I go into the estimote app and try to locate a beacon for that particular room, it shows as “unclaimed” and prompts me to claim it. (Which I’ve tried, but with no luck)

I don’t think the beacons are dead. They’ve only been in use since March/April.

When you say to log out and log back in again – which app are you referring to? The Estimote app? If so, I’ve tried that (as well as logging out of the Robin app) – but there is no change.

I’m pretty certain I’m logged in correctly, because when i enter a room with a responsive beacon everything is fine.

Many thanks for your help with this -