Beacon Technology for Museums & Exhibitions_Some Tips&Tricks

Museums and exhibitions should stay up to date. All know that, but not many of them are using beacons. Why?

I guess because some museum administrations still do not know all the advantages and my goal is to help them get more information of how to bring museums to life and enhance the visitor experience using gamification, gathering visitor data and offer self-guided tours. So, let’s start!

  1. iBeacons could help you announce visitors about special exhibitions/events/lectures or discounts for today as they move around the museum.

The typical scenario looks like this. A visitor carrying a smartphone passes by a museum. An application installed on a visitor’s smartphone listens for beacons. When an app hears an iBeacon, it triggers an action. This could be something as simple as a push message: ”Hi! Come inside and view amazing art!” or “Hi! Today we have a very interesting lecture! Come inside and go to Room 12”.

  1. It is frustrating to wait your turn in along queue and you know that, sadly, it happens quite often. To avoid this you could install beacons, that will send an alert to a visitor once she/he is within a certain distance from the museum and your visitor will be able to purchase a ticket immediately.

  2. Installing iBeacons around in a museum will provide real-time information how many people are exactly walking inside there at that time. It will let a visitor know if this is a good time to enter the museum now or whether it is too crowded before they come. Museums can use iBeacons to collect a lot of data such as the busiest hours throughout the day or week, a number of visitors and more. This also improves the allocation of museum staff and services. Thus, you will always know and be able to analyze the visitor behavior and improve exhibit locations and museum layouts.

  1. It is possible to let visitor navigate from point A to point B creating a route + using self-guided tours. They will get a map of the whole museum with different rooms and floors as well as see detailed information on their mobile screens. Visitors will be able to see information about the artist, read the descriptions, watch videos or listen to audio streams.

  2. You can offer customized discounts for the first-time visitors or if today is your visitor’s birthday, encouraging them to come back often and walk with the friends (group discounts).

This is all about attitude – your attitude towards your clientele: your museum visitors. There are many more features that can be developed and enhance your museum. If it sounds interesting – let’s discuss!

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