Beacon signal count

We are using Estimote Beacons with Raspberry PI for location tracking
Beacons are placed at regular interval all over the area which needs to be tracked
We are facing following problems
a) Number of counts of packets from nearer beacons should be higher than from beacons far from Raspberry Pi
On this assumption we have written program using python libraries to calculate location
But this behavior is random.
Sometimes our program catch more packets from Beacons we are far and less no of packets from near beacons
b) second observation:
We are getting 55 packets in 60 seconds from beacon very close to Rapberry Pi for all adversting intervals
2 seconds, 1 seconds, 500 milliseconds, 200 milliseconds
We were expecting more packets with 200 milliseconds adversting intervals
Has anyone done similar research and are they facing similar behavior
c) Also we are getting varying RSSI signals from beacons, Hence we cannot depends only on signal strength for location tracking

Please let us know if anyone has any suggestions as both behavior of SSID signal strength and Packet count is random. Hence we cannot determine position with this random behavior.