Beacon for a special scenario

Hi @heypiotr and the community,

my scenario is:
A person has got a key ring or bunch of keys with a beacon.
My app should monitor whether the keys (beacon) are inside a range or not.
If beacon leaves the range, my app should notify the user.
It is a “key-lost”-scenario.


  1. I want to use only Android devices 4.4+ and monitoring should works in background (display off).
  2. Beacons should advertise in constant intervals.
  3. Beacons should not switch automatically to energy save modes

What kind of Estimote Beacons are suitable for this?

Get the dev pack location beacons 99. Bucks

I already have got 103 location beacons, but they are a bit too large for key ring.

Stickers are nice and small, should be a good fit. Alternatively, Proximity Beacons without the enclosure, if you like the look of the bare beacon PCB, handle it with care, and secure the battery from falling out (; Or maybe a custom, 3D-printed enclosure?

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