API for Here&Now

I want the ability to configure and maintain the links for Here&Now in my dashboard. Are there APIs where I can publish and retrieve links?

Hi! Yes, you can definitely retrieve the links from Here & Now in a custom dashboard. Here’s the documentation you will need: https://cloud.estimote.com/docs/#api-HereAndNowGroup The data will look something like this:

"id": 487, "title": "Cloud", "url": "https://cloud.estimote.com", "description": "Estimote Cloud", "stats": { "total_clicks": 115, "total_impressions": 2907, "click_stats": [{ "date": "2017-02-15", "count": 115

At this point, it’s not possible to manage the links (add, change, remove them etc.), you’ll still need to use the Estimote Cloud for that.