Accepted range for minor and major number


The Estimote SDK allow us to update major and minor number, but there is no specifications for minimum and maximum allowed value.

The API request a short value, does major and minor accept number from -32768 to 32767?

Could you specify somewhere the accepted range by the estimote (and by the iBeacon standard if you allow more than accepted value on average reader).

Hi Yoann!

Our API accepts numbers from 0 to 65 535 for major / minor.
It can't be a negative number.

BTW, thanks again for developing the app!

Hi Ola,

Thank for your answer. Here is the associated bug report to request an API correction regarding this informations

At this time, the API of the Estimoe SDK is misleading and inconsistent in terme of data type.

Thanks Yoann, you're right! Just corrected my answer.
Concerning the API correction, our developers team is working on it.