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We are looking for a solution to locate different metal elements. We need a beacon magnetized to put it on this metal elements after are used in manufactured process. The beacon must be capable of differentiate between elements close to each other.

There is near of 8000 different elements in a warehouse with shelves.

This elements are used for manufactured, and we need use a apps for locate this elements with a smartphone or similar device.

What is the maximum distance between reader device and beacon ?

What is the accuray in locating elements ?

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Technically, beacons have range of up to about 70 meters. But since we’re talking about a warehouse where lot of metal elements are stored, you need to be aware that this will be significantly reduced: metal tends to block radio waves. So it would be best to test on the spot, but a ballpark estimate is that in this environment maximum range will be reduced by half.

As for accuracy, please remember that iBeacon as a standard is more about giving mobile apps and devices location context, rather than very precise distance measurements. On average you can expect 3-5 meters accuracy in distance approximations, although it varies depending on how far you are from a beacon. In close proximity, the measurements are much more accurate. So if you want to quickly check if a given element is in the warehouse and if it’s in a specific section, implementing that would be fairly easy. If you want to pinpoint the exact location, it would require a lot of work on noise cancelling, especially with 8,000 overlapping signals.

Also, there’s a post on Estimote blog on physics behind beacons. I strongly suggest reading it to get a better idea of how beacons work :slight_smile: http://blog.estimote.com/post/106913675010/how-do-beacons-work-the-physics-of-beacon-tech


Hi Wojtekb

I understand real world of the radio, because I work with WiFi solutions. 8000 radios are too much, but these are distributed between hundred of meter. Perhaps that distance could make viable this project.

What is your opinion to try beacons solutions in this case?

Is there some standard apps available to locate beacons?

Are there some beacon with magnet to join to our pieces ? It would be possible to manufacture it ?

I would like to know how much beacons costs for 8000 pieces. How I can receive a quote for it ?

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If you want to talk about pricing of 8,000 beacons, you can reach out to business@estimote.com. Or drop me a line to wojtek@estimote.com and I’ll connect you with someone on our BizDev team. But I suggest that before you make a large order, you first get a couple of devkits (you can order on our homepage) and do some testing to see whether it’s a feasible solution for you.

For detecting and managing beacons you can use official Estimote app for iOS, it’s a pretty neat tool :smile:

As for magnets: we do not provide them, but I’ve recently seen that some people are using them to attach beacons and it’s working pretty well: http://www.adored.com/blog/announcing-the-highest-ibeacon-on-earth