A few questions from a non-techincal Beacon n00b

I have a very specific set of questions that I need answered and cannot find from trolling this forum.

  1. What exactly can be measured by the beacon right out of the box with no end application?
  • From my research I have found that it can monitor Light, Movement and Battery life. but that can only be done with a user client and does not happen unless their is an application on a phone. Is this assumption right?
  1. How is a beacon talking to the cloud?
  • from my limited understanding, the beacon itself just sends out packets and the end device (users phone) sends data to a back end.
  1. Can the beacon itself identify the carrier or device ID?
  • I have seen from a previous post that dev’s are doing this via their own SDK in a separate application. But can these data points be caputred by using Eddystone URL and the physical web without needing an application on the user end device outside of Chrome.

Thank you so much and I apologize if some of these questions are too novice.

Our Getting started with Estimote, beacons, and microlocation guide should help you with all these questions (: